About Us

About Us

Our high level of innovation combined with our excellently qualified team and very good technical equipment enables our leading product development. Additionally there is the cooperation in numerous networks and associations, different university cooperations and partner companies, which enables the constant and direct contact between the customer and our company in an easy and efficient way. This allows us to react flexibly and within a reasonable timeframe to the individual wishes of our customers.

Not only do we continue to develop our engines, but also their intended use as range extenders. We are pioneering the development of a range extender system that is approved for road transport as well as in aviation. Thereby we rely on the long-term know-how in mechanical and electrical engineering of our employees, which is secured by regular further qualifications. In doing so, we continuously cooperate with universities in order to further increase the innovative strength.

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ur engines demand the highest precision in design and manufacturing. Our customers know: This is what we can provide. We achieve this through experience, our modern production and our commitment to quality. We not only manufacture our own components but also provide this service to our customers. Thereby we offer the precise production of milled parts as single piece and in small series.

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We are constantly striving to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations. To achieve this, we are conducting intensive research into the optimal use of CO2-neutral hydrogen. In line with this, we also sell complete hydrogen supply systems and equipment for hydrogen refueling stations. Our rotary engines are the only ones in the world that can be used with diesel. The use of CO2-neutral synthetic diesel fuels is in preparation.

Together with our partners, we supply, install and maintain your hydrogen filling station for you.
Security of supply
Security of supply
We manufacture the majority of the components for our engines ourselves. This enables us to achieve faster production times, lower prices and a secure supply of spare parts for our customers. Our engines do not rely on rare earths or high-purity hydrogen; they are also easy to repair and largely insensitive to environmental influences. Thus, the use of hydrogen in our engines offers many advantages over the use of fuel cells. To match this, we also sell complete hydrogen supply systems and equipment for hydrogen refueling stations.