Gensets & APUs

We offer our engines as stand-alone products, but also design and produce gensets, range extenders, APUs and CHPs with our engines according to our customers’ requirements.

Built for high performance use in small installation spaces.

Our generator sets allow electrical power from 14 kW – 40 kW. With an overall height of less than 50 cm. This makes them ideal for upgrading auxiliary power units, auxiliary power generators and power generators. On land and on water.

Our diesel and hydrogen-powered Wankel engines are used.

This allows us to offer different power and fuel for your system. The electronic engine control unit (ECU) is manufactured and programmed by us. This ensures our customers the necessary flexibility in the respective application.

You need support for the integration of our generator sets into your system? We support you in planning and installation.
Auxiliary Power Unit

KKM 351d BHS

The BHS (Battery Charger and Heating System) is a retrofit system for diesel locomotives.

The system consists of our diesel-powered Wankel engine KKM351d, an air-cooled generator, exhaust gas aftertreatment and self-developed electronic control unit (ECU), including all auxiliary units.

It mainly functions as a power generator for charging the batteries, as well as the on-board power supply when the locomotive is at standby.
The thermal energy generated is used to bring the locomotive's main diesel engine to an appropriate thermal level or to keep it stable.
This reduces consumption, noise and exhaust emissions when the locomotive is at a standstill and improves starting performance by preheating the main engine.
Generator Set

For military applications

The compact design of our engines allows us to build generator sets that are unique not only in size and weight.

The low-vibration and quiet running of our rotary engines gives us the advantage of saving on vibration dampers and sound insulation. With our systems, we achieve weight savings of 25% to 50% compared to similar units.

Our engines run on a variety of liquid and gaseous fuels such as diesel, kerosene, gasoline, hydrogen and biogas. This means they can be operated in crisis areas where neither a stable supply of a particular fuel nor the quality of the fuel can be guaranteed.
H2 Generator Set

Sustainable power generation & mobility

Based on our hydrogen engines, we develop complete range extender systems for electric vehicles. With these, a vehicle can be operated both directly with electricity and with hydrogen, diesel or gasoline.

Key advantages of the range extender system
Longer range
Shorter charging stops
Reduction of harmful emissions
Reduced consumption of rare materials that pollute the environment

Additional advantages of hydrogen engines compared to fuel cells

Lower weight
Less expensive
No use of rare materials
Does not require high purity hydrogen